Birdie Card Game

The RMC Birdie Card Game is back for 2016!

The object of the Birdie Card Game is to score a net birdie or better on every hole on the course during the season. Each net birdie or better gets the player a ticket in a premium raffle, participation in which is limited to Birdie Card Game players, to be held at the Closer in October.

Here's how it works:

1) Members will pay $10 each in the pro shop to enter the Birdie Card Game. You are not eligible to start competing until you purchase your card.

2) A Rockledge scorecard is your official scorecard for the Birdie Card Game. Keep it safe in your bag during the season.

3) When you make a net birdie or better (based on your current course handicap), on each of Rockledge's 18 holes, mark your score on that hole on your Birdie Game scorecard. For every hole on which you score a net birdie, you'll receive one raffle ticket. A net eagle, two tickets and every net double eagle, three.

4) Important note: YOU CAN ONLY MAKE ONE NET BIRDIE OR BETTER ON ANY ONE HOLE FOR EACH ENTRY CARD YOU PURCHASE. Here's an example: If you make a net birdie one day on hole number 1, it's worth one ticket. If you make a net birdie another day on hole 1 you still receive only one ticket for that hole. However, if you later make a net eagle, the lower score (the eagle) counts, and rather than get one ticket, you get two for hole number 1.

5) The contest ends the day before the Closer, but you can start to redeem scorecards in the pro shop beginning one week prior that date. Special redemption accommodations will be made for those lucky few heading south before the Closer.

6) The special raffle will be conducted at the Closer breakfast; you do not need to be present to win.

See Steve Fisher, Jon Weiner or any pro staff member with any questions. Remember, "you've got to be in it to win it!"