May 7th – ABCD Red/White/Gold (RC)  Butterfly


 May 15th – Spring Ramble 27 Holes (B)  Moscarillo's


•June 4-5th – Individual Match Play Championship (27 holes Saturday, 18 holes Sunday) (B)  Angelo's


 •June 18th – Mini Ramble (18 Holes, 3*6 hole matches)  Woodland Auto Body


•June 26th – ABCD Hotball (RC)   Affordable Closets


July 9-10th – SR, SR-SR, Legends & Masters Club Championships (B) (T) Bowl-o-Rama


July 23rd – Presidents Trophy (B) (18 holes ramble format individual, 3*6 hole matches) Sheehan Hilborn Breen



•August 7th – ABCD 4 ball best 2 ball (RC)  Guilford Coin Exchange



•August 14th – Summer Ramble 27 Holes (B)   Hager Computers



•August 27th – ABCD (9-holes Best Ball / 9 holes-Alternate Shot AD/BC) (RC)  Cabinet Hardware Specialties



September 3-5th – Pro’s Trophy (T) & 2 of 3 Day Member/Member Rich Crowe PGA/


September 10-11th Club Championship (championship flight match play all other flights  medal play) (T)  Rich Crowe PGA


September 18th - ABCD Member/Member (pick your partner) play 4 man best ball (RC) Ace Auto Body


September 24th - Fall Open Ramble (27 holes) (B)  Chengdu



•October 16th Ryder Cup (B) Beachland Tavern



•October 18th – John Sivell Challenge (B)



•Oct 23th – Closer Shamble (B) (7:30 am breakfast)   All Sponsors

The following is how you earn Ryder Cup Points:
First Place 100 points
Second Place 90 points
Third Place 80 points
Fourth Place 70 points
Fifth Place 60 points

Anyone who plays in a Ryder Cup(RC) event automatically earns 50 points.