Rockledge Golf Handicap Policy

To play competitive golf events associated with Rockledge, it is essential that each player conform to the players responsibilities outlined below. Competitive golf is defined as events associated with the CSGA, Club Championships, Interclub, etc.


Players Responsibility for accurate Posting of scores

1. Player must have an active USGA GHIN Number. All Members receive a GHIN Number after registering with the Men’s Club.

2. Player must post all scores of rounds that have been played under the Rules of Golf. This posting can be done using the computer at the Pro Shop or over the internet using a personal computer or device. A member of the Handicap Committee can teach you to post scores if needed.

3. If a player plays 7 to 12 holes, a "Nine Hole Score" must be posted. 13 or more holes played require that an "Eighteen Hole Score" be posted.

4. Rounds played in some Rockledge competitions under the Rules of Golf, shall be entered as Tournament Scores. The Handicap Committee will determine which events qualify for

Tournament Score entry and should be posted at the conclusion of the competition.


5. All local scores must be posted within 24 hours of the round's conclusion and you have 48 hours for away courses.


6. The Handicap Committee can post a penalty score if a player fails to post a score. If a player fails to post scores or willingly attempts to avoid complying with the USGA Handicap System, the Handicap Committee could withdraw the player's Handicap Index making the player ineligible for competition.


7. For holes that are unfinished or strokes that are conceded, post a score for that hole by determining "your most likely score" for the hole. The "most likely score" is the actual number of strokes taken added to the estimated number of strokes needed to finish the hole from that position more than half of the time (in the player's best judgment). These holes should be preceded by an X when recorded on a scorecard.


8. For any holes that are not played or not played under the Rules of Golf, post par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on these holes. The holes should be preceded by an X when recorded on the scorecard.

9. Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) sets a maximum number of strokes that a player can post on any hole based upon the player's current Course Handicap. For handicap purposes, a player is required to adjust holes scores (actual or "most likely”) when they are higher than the player’s maximum ESC number. These holes should be preceded by an X when recorded on the scorecard.

See the ESC Chart below:


18 – Hole Course Handicap

Maximum ESC Number on any Hole

9 or Less -Double Bogey

10 Through 19 -7

20 Through 29 -8

30 Through 39 -9

40 or More -10