Need a Playing Partner? 


The Rockledge Men's Club provides  opportunities for you to meet other members. For weekend play, the fastest way for a new member to meet other members is to use our new “Playing Partner Match system.”  Simply click the link, fill out the form and we’ll match you up with other members who are looking for a game.

 The deadline to submit this form is; Sunday at 6 PM for the following Saturday, or Monday at 6 PM for the following Sunday.  We will make pairings and put you in contact with you playing partners so you can decide who will attend the lottery to get a tee time for the group. If you submit after the deadline or lottery takes place, we'll do our best to pair you up.

If you have a request to play with another member or you are a twosome, please put the other player's information on the form under “Comments or Playing Partner Requests”.

Along with the Playing Partner Match system, another great way to meet members is to participate in our ABCD tournaments. Four-man groups are drawn randomly by the Golf Shop, giving you the opportunity to meet members quickly.  You will find our members are great people to play golf with and will make you feel right at home.

In addition to the options above, be sure to introduce yourself as a new RMC Member to Rich Crowe our PGA Professional, the Golf Shop staff and starters. They are also helpful in pairing up players, finding groups that are looking for another player, and match players for our Member-Members and Rambles.

If you play weekdays; we strongly recommend playing with the Tuesday-Friday group as a way to meet fellow members. 

Enjoy the Golf,

RMC Board