Need a Playing Partner? 


The Rockledge Tee Time Lottery (Tuesday for Saturday/Wednesday for Sunday) is suspended.  All tee times must be registered online using the RGC Tee Time system.

If you are looking to make a connection with a member for weekend play, we will keep the Match System open, and do our best to match and reach out.


The Rockledge Men's Club provides opportunities for you to meet other members. For weekend play, a great way for a new member to meet other members is to use our “Playing Partner Match system.”  Simply click the link, fill out the form and we’ll work with you to match you up with other members who are looking for a game.

The deadline to submit this form is Monday at 6 PM for the following Saturday, or Tuesday at 6 PM for the following Sunday.  We will make pairings and put you in contact with your playing partners so that you can coordinate and sign up for an agreed Tee Time.  If you already have one or more playing partners and are looking for one or two additional member partners, please put the other player's information on the form under “Comments or Playing Partner Requests”.

If you play weekdays, we strongly recommend playing with the Tuesday-Friday Group as a way to meet fellow members.