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Rockledge Golf Handicap Policy

To play competitive golf events associated with Rockledge, it is essential that each player conform to the players responsibilities outlined below. Competitive golf is defined as events associated with the CSGA, Club Championships, Interclub, etc.


  1. Players must have an active USGA GHIN Number.
    GHIN cost and registration is included in the RMC annual fees. 


  2. Players must post all scores of rounds that have been played under the Rules of Golf.
    Scores can be posted using the computer in the Pro Shop or, on the GHIN internet site, or via the GHIN app on an Apple or Android device.  A member of the Handicap Committee can teach you to post scores if needed


  3. If a player plays 7 to 12 holes, a "Nine Hole Score" must be posted.
    13 or more holes played require that an "Eighteen Hole Score" be posted.


  4. The Rockledge Pros will be registering all of our scheduled tournament scores in the GHIN system, unless otherwise specified.  Enter Gross scores on event scorecards.  The Golf Genius and GHIN systems will calculate Net and proper scores for handicapping such as Net Double Bogey.

  5. Scores should be posted by midnight on the day you played.  Handicaps are now calculated daily, and apply a factor based on the course’s playing conditions for that day.  If your score is not recorded by midnight, the GHIN calculation will not include the playing conditions factor.  The Playing Conditions factor considers weather, course conditions and course set-up.

  6. The Handicap Committee can post a penalty score if a player fails to post a score. If a player fails to post scores or willingly attempts to avoid complying with the USGA Handicap System, the Handicap Committee could withdraw the player's Handicap Index making the player ineligible for competition.

  7. NET DOUBLE BOGEY - Maximum Score for a hole for handicapping.
    The new standard to register handicap scores limits your maximum score to “Net Double Bogey”.  Net Double Bogey = PAR + Double Bogey + Your Course Handicap Strokes for that Hole. 

    Example:  Your course handicap is 18, and you took 7 strokes on a Par 3 = Par (3) + Double Bogey (2) + Handicap Strokes (1) = 6.  6 is the score to be used when entering your GHIN score, and is separate from the score or handicaps that may be used in specific competitions.


  8. COURSE HANDICAP - Your handicap for the specific course and tees that you are playing.
    Using the GHIN online or app, Go to the “Course Handicap Calculator”, Select the golf course, Select the Tees to be played, and the system will show your course handicap.


  9. COMPETITION or TOURNAMENT HANDICAPS - Some competitions or tournaments may be played with partial handicaps as indicated by our Pros (80, 90%...).  This percentage is applied to your Course Handicap and used to score that particular competition.  

    Almost all of the scheduled RMC competitions and tournaments provide score cards showing your course or tee adjusted handicaps.


  10. UNFINISHED HOLES or STROKES CONCEDED - For holes that are unfinished or strokes that are conceded, post a score for that hole by determining "your most likely score" for the hole. The "most likely score" is the actual number of strokes taken added to the estimated “most likely” number of strokes needed to finish the hole from that position (in the player's best judgment). These holes should be preceded by an X when recorded on a scorecard.

    Most Likely Score Cannot Exceed Net Double Bogey for Handicapping  For more information, please see Rule 3.3 in the
    USGA Rules of Handicapping 


  1. HOLES NOT PLAYED - For any holes that are not played or not played under the Rules of Golf, post par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on these holes. The holes should be preceded by an X when recorded on the scorecard.

For more information, please see Rule 3.2 in the USGA Rules of Handicapping 


  1. The Pro Shop has the ability to correct a GHIN score that has been mistakenly entered.

  2. ACTIVE SEASON - The Connecticut active golf season is April 1 to November 14.  You will not be able to enter Connecticut scores for the inactive season.  You can look up other location seasons on the USGA site

  3. OFF SEASON GOLF - Prior year RMC GHIN registrations will be expired on April 1st.  Your RMC GHIN registration will be reactivated when your current year membership application and fee have been processed.  If you plan to play golf, register your scores or play in an active GHIN required event after April 1st, please submit your application and fee allowing time for your registration to be received and processed.


USGA World Handicap System - Provides several simplified slides highlighting the changes and use of the updated handicap system.  This site also has many useful links to better understand handicapping.


USGA Rules of Handicapping

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