2020 Tournament Schedule

Updated September 3, 2020

Labor Day Member/Member Now 3 One Day Events

Sept 26th Fall Ramble Now a Flighted Member/Member or Member/Non-Member

October 13th John Sevill is on with blocked Tee times

October 25th Closer Shamble is on with Modified Shotgun


May 23rd-25th - Rockledge Memorial Member/Member 2 of 3 Days (TC)
May 31st - ABCD Best Ball (RC)


June 6th - Individual Stroke Play - 3 Flights by Handicap
June 13th - Mini Ramble (18 Holes, 3*6 hole matches)
June 20th - ABCD Aggregate Quota & 1 Best Ball Gross (RC)
June 21st - Individual Gross, Net & Skins

June 27th - Member/Member Best Ball Gross/Net


July 3rd-5th - Sherman Memorial (TC)

July 3rd-5th - 2 of 3 day Member/Member
July 11th-12th - SR, SR-SR, Legends & Masters Club Championships (B,TC)
July 18th - ABCD 4 Ball - best 2 balls (RC)
July 26th - Club Championship Qualifier (For Championship Flight Only)


August 1st- 2nd - Club Championship (championship flight match play/other flights medal play) (B,TC)
August 9th - Member/Member - 1 Best Ball - Flighted (B)
August 15th - AB/AB & CD/CD Two Man - One Best Ball (RC)
August 22nd - Presidents Trophy (18 holes ramble format individual, 3*6 hole matches) (B,TC)
August 30th - Presidents Trophy Finals (18 holes net individual) (B)


September 5th-7th - Pro's Trophy (TC)

September 5th-7th - One Day Member/Member Each Day
September 13th - ABCD (9-holes Best Ball / 9 holes-Alternate Shot AD/BC) (RC)
September 26th - Flighted 2 Man Best Ball (Previously Fall Ramble)

 - Open (Member/Member or Member/Non-Member) (B)


October 4th - Ryder Cup (B)
October 11th - Tournament of Champions (B)
Tues October 13th - John Sivell Challenge (B) 
October 25th - Closer Shamble (Shotgun Start)


           November 1st - Greens Keepers Revenge, West Hartford Food Pantry Fund Raiser, 18 holes

(B) Block Starting times
(RC) Ryder Cup and Qualifying Point Tournaments
(TC) Tournament of Champions and Qualifying Events

** Qualifying for SR Champ & Club Champ:  You must play in 4 events prior to sign up date of the event.  The 4 events played must include one (1) RMC scheduled event.  The rest can be made up from RMC events, Pro Shop events, or Tuesday/Friday events.  (Kickers is not a qualifying event)