2019 Tournament Schedule

April 13th - ABCD Red Tee – one best ball (RC)

April 28th - Opener – Scramble (B) (7:00 am Breakfast with hors d'oeuvre  and awards presented directly after the tournament in the Rockledge Grille).


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May 4th - ABCD with Hotball – one best ball (RC)

May 11th - Spring Ramble 27 Holes (B)

May 25-27th - Rockledge Memorial Member/Member 2 of 3 Days (TC)


June 1-2nd -Individual Match Play Championship (27 holes Saturday, 18 holes Sunday) (B) (TC)

June 9th - Mini Ramble (18 Holes, 3*6 hole matches)

June 22nd - ABCD Junior Golf Fundraiser – Aggregate Quota & 1 Best Ball Gross (RC)

July 4th, July 6th and July 7th - Sherman Memorial (T) & 2 of 3 day Member/Member (TC)

July 13-14th - SR, SR-SR, Legends & Masters Club Championships (B) (T) (TC)

July 20th - Presidents Trophy (18 holes ramble format individual, 3*6 hole matches) (B) (TC)

July 27th - President’s Trophy Finals (18 holes net individual) (B) (T) (TC)

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August 4th - ABCD 4 ball best 2 balls (RC)

August 11th - Summer Ramble 27 Holes (B)

August 17th - ABCD (9-holes Best Ball / 9 holes-Alternate Shot AD/BC) (RC)

August 25th - Club Championship Qualifier (For Championship Flight Only) (T)

August 31st, September 1st & 2nd - Pro’s Trophy (T) & 2 of 3 Day Member/Member

August 31st, September 1st & 2nd - Pro’s Trophy (T) & 2 of 3 Day Member/Member 
September 7-8th - Club Championship (championship flight match play all other flights 
medal play) (
B) (T) (
Friday Sept 13th - Member-Guest (1pm Shotgun) 
September 15th - ABCD best ball (
September 21st - Tournament of Champions (
September 28th - Fall Open Ramble (27 holes) (

October 6th - Ryder Cup (B)

October 15th - John Sivell Challenge (B)

Oct 20th - Closer Shamble (7:30 am breakfast) (B)

Nov 3rd – Greens Keepers Revenge and West Hartford Food Pantry Benefit Fund Raiser, 18 holes

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