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October 8th

2023 Tournament of Championship

- Qualifiers -

Rockledge Memorial

Gross Winners:  Jason Burrill & Ryan Burrill

Net Winners:  Robbie Kennedy & Robert Kennedy

Sherman Memorial

Gross Winner:  Ryan Burrill

Net Winner:  Bob Herr

SR, SR/SR, Legends & Masters

Senior Gross Winner:  Stephen Victor, Senior Club Champion

Senior Net Winner:  George Chiu

Senior-Senior Gross Winner: Bruce Kraczkowsky

Senior-Senior Net Winner: Ken Levesque

Legends Gross Winner:  Chuck Tyler

Legends Net Winner:  Bill Tummillo

Master's Gross Winner:  Art Roth

Master's Net Winner:  Joe Petrone

Club Championship

Club Champion:  Ryan Burrill

Flight 1 Champion:  Ken Levesque

Flight 2 Champion:  Mike Kraczkowsky

Flight 3 Champion:  Jim Bergen

Flight 4 Champion:  Dan Corcoran

Presidents Trophy - Qualifier

Flight Champions 

Mike Burnett


Marc Maniatis


Kevin Majewski


Tung Nguyen


Marc Cowan


Andrew Love


Joe Petrone


Norm Sack


Kevin Pasternack


Barry Lopes


Peter Tracey


George Chiu


Bill Marsh


Connor Donelly


John Chilicki

Pro's Trophy

Gross:  Ryan Burrill

Net:  Joe Pasquaretta

Individual Match Play Champions

Flight Champions:


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