RMC Men’s Club

Info & Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the Rockledge Men’s Club provide and how do I join?

Membership in the RMC includes USGA GHIN handicap, privileges to play in our tournaments, Tuesday/Friday Group play, and our social gatherings. You can join any time prior to and during the Rockledge golf season by completing a membership application and submitting it with the appropriate due’s payment.  You purchase your own greens fees at the Golf Shop, either on a daily fee or prepaid partial/full season pass basis.

What is a handicap index and how do I get one?

The handicap system established by the United States Golf Association (USGA) is intended to allow players of all skill levels to play competitively by using net level scoring.  The lower a player’s handicap, the more skilled the player.  The players handicap index is used to calculate a course handicap for the course and tees to be played. The course handicap is then used to determine handicap strokes that a player will receive for a particular match.


If you already have a USGA GHIN (Golf Handicap Information Network) handicap, we will confirm or add the Rockledge Golf Club to your handicap ID.  Golfers should maintain a single GHIN ID.  The course that you play most frequently should be registered as your “Home” course. 

What is my GHIN ID?  If you do not know your GHIN ID, contact our Membership Chairman: Bernie Gatzen at bgatzen@comcast.net or ask the Pro Shop.


If you do not have a handicap, you must establish one by submitting your scores to the Golf Shop.   

A first time handicap index is established by playing and registering 54 holes of golf (any combination of 18 or 9 hole rounds played under the Rules of Golf).  After that, a player’s handicap index is calculated from the best 8 of their last 20 scores.


You are responsible for keeping your handicap current by posting accurate scores each time you play (except Rockledge Men’s Club Event Scores-see below).  Scores can be posted at the computer in the Golf Shop or remotely via the GHIN app.  Handicaps are now calculated after midnight every day.  Register your score the day of play whenever possible.


Event Score GHIN Entry - All Rockledge Men’s Club event (tournaments and Tuesday/Friday) scores will automatically be registered to your GHIN ID via the Golf Genius system used by our Pros.  Non-individual scores, shambles etc., will/should not be entered.


Please reference the Rockledge Handicap Policy page for more handicap practices detail. 


How do I sign up for tournaments?  Is there an entry fee?

There are two ways for you to sign up.  First, our Tournament Committee sends out emails to our membership on a regular basis to remind you of upcoming tournaments and offer you the opportunity to sign up by responding to the email with your registration information.  Alternatively, you can sign up in person on a tournament sheet posted on the men’s locker room bulletin board, or in the Pro Shop.  You only need to sign up either way once.  Within a few days of the event, pairings and tee times will be posted on the Rockledge Golf Genius site.  There are nominal entry fees for every event, payable at the starter’s desk on the day of play.  Tournaments that include restaurant meals, such as the Opener, Closer and Member-Guest, must be prepaid in advance at the Golf Shop.  See the “Schedules of Tournaments” for a list of our tournaments and descriptions.

What tees do we play from during tournaments?


The RMC preferred standard is to play events from the Gold Tees. 


Tournaments such as the ABCD Red Tee, Flighted events, Senior and Club Championships will be played from specified tees with no exception.  The tournament committee and Pro Shop staff will provide this information to you at each event.


Except for tee specified events, players may elect to play from their desired set of tees.  The new USGA/World Handicap System effectively adjusts player course handicaps when playing from the red, white, gold or blue tees. 


Net Prizes in events allow you to play any set of tees you desire.  Gross prizes in events will only be awarded when you play for the specified tees or further back.  Example: most events for the RMC are Gold Tees, but you can play Blue Tees in gross events.  There is not an option to play if forward in gross prize events. 


Note: most every event on the Schedule and sign up at the tee has both net and gross prizes.  Playing from the standard RMC tees (Gold Tees) will automatically put you in for both gross and net prizes winning opportunities.


Except for tee specific events, players must designate the tee they will be playing when registering or checking in for Tuesday/Friday, tournament and weekend events.  When attesting to a scorecard the scorer and attester must confirm that the tee(s) played are correctly indicated on the scorecard.


Are there tournaments that require qualifying?

Some of our championship tournaments do require preliminary play to qualify either via points earned, match play or having won prior tournaments.  Please reference the Tournament Descriptions page to learn about the Ryder Cup Championship, Men’s Club Championship, and the Tournament of Champions competitions.


What is the Tuesday/Friday Group? 

Tuesday/Friday Group Play takes place each Tuesday and Friday morning, from late April through the John Sivell Memorial in October.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the current format has been changed from modified shotgun to set tee times.  Players need to register with the Pro Shop one week in advance of the Tuesday or Friday that they wish to play.  Please review the Tuesday/Friday Group page for more information.  Many Members play Tuesday/Friday regularly, while others join in when they can on days off from work.  The group is extremely friendly, and playing with them is a great way to get to know many of the RMC members.

What are the Weekend Pro Shop Events?

On weekend days when there are no Men’s Club events, the Rockledge Golf Professional runs “Desk” events with a variety of individual or partner formats.  When you check in to play, you can enter the day’s event at the starter’s desk for a nominal fee.  

How do I get a Tee Time at Rockledge?


Until further notice All Tee Times must now be pre-registered on the Rockledge Online system.

If you are playing in a scheduled RMC tournament, with the exception of the three long holiday weekend 2 of 3 or 4-day events (Memorial, Sherman, Pro’s Trophy), your tee time will be prearranged and assigned by the Golf Shop.  All you need to do is sign up to play.  Within a few days of the event, pairings and tee times will be posted on the Rockledge Golf Genius site, and in some cases emailed to you.  


Non-Event Weekend tee times are available four days in advance.  Weekday tee times are available one week in advance.

I don’t have a partner or a group, so how can I find golfers to play with?

Play ABCD Tournaments:  A great way for a new member to meet other members is to participate in the 3 ABCD tournaments (Red Tee, Opener Scramble, ABCD Hotball) held at the beginning of the season. Four-man groups are drawn randomly by the Golf Shop, giving you the opportunity to meet many different members quickly.  Our members are great people to play golf with and you will feel right at home quickly.


Play in the Tuesday/Friday Group:  you will be randomly matched up with members in the ABCD format.

Need a Playing Partner?  The “Playing Partner Match System” has been set up to help connect with another member and to set up a weekend tee times. 


Partner or Team Tournament Partners?  If you don’t have a partner or team to play with for a member-member or team based tournament, you can register and request a partner or additional team members as needed.


Are there prizes? How do we know if we’ve won?

Results for Tuesday/Friday, Weekend Desk Events, and Tournaments will be posted on the RMC web site, and also in the displays next to the Pro Shop entrance.  Prizes are awarded as Pro Shop credit and can be redeemed for in shop merchandise or ordered by the Pro Shop.  Depending on the competition and participation prizes may be awarded for various flights, gross and net scores.

Kickers:  Kicker pools are frequently available where you select a number between 0 and 9, and win or share the pool if your number is drawn.  Check result postings to find out if you won.


Need More Help?

Please reach out to any of our RMC Board of Directors for assistance.  The page identifies specific BOD functions to further direct inquiries.


As always, Rockledge Golf Club has a fantastic team of PGA Professionals and staff

that will readily respond to your needs.