Rockledge Men's Club

President's Message

February 2019

Dear RMC Members, 

I hope you and your entire family enjoyed your holiday season.  With some very mild weather to start February, along with Punxsutawney Phil not seeing his shadow, we can all be optimistic about enjoying an early start to the 2019 golf season.  Of course, the biggest change we all face is that the USGA's new Rules of Golf went into effect on January 1st of this year.   In an effort to educate our membership on the new Rules of Golf, the RMC has done the following:

1. In conjunction with the Rockledge Women’s Club, we are sponsoring a seminar on the new Rules of Golf that will be presented by a representative of the CSGA on March 2nd at 10:00 am at the Rockledge Grille.  You should have already received multiple e-mails inviting you to sign up for what is sure to be a DON'T MISS event.  There is no charge for this event, and we will be serving coffee and donuts.  We will also be using this event to attract new members to the RMC.  Please take this opportunity to invite someone you know that is looking to either change clubs or join a men’s club to come and learn not only about the new Rules of Golf, but about the Rockledge Men’s Club as well.   Space for this event is limited, so please sign up early! You can register by clicking on the following link Rockledge 2019 CSGA Rules Seminar.

2. As long as you have your e-mail address on file with the CSGA, you should also be receiving regular e-mails with brief videos explaining the new Rules of Golf.  

3. There is also a link to the USGA web site on the Rockledge Men’s Club website where you can read and watch videos on the new rules of golf.  

Your Board of Directors and Tournament Committee have been working hard this winter to put together the tournament schedule for the upcoming year.   Some key dates to put onto your calendar for the 2019 season include:

  • April 28th — Opener Tournament and business meeting

  • May 11th — Spring Ramble 

  • June 1st and 2nd — Individual Match Play Championship 

  • July 13th and 13th — Senior Club Championship

  • August 11th — Summer Ramble

  • September 7th and 8th — Club Championship 

  • September 13th — Member-Guest 

  • November 3rd — Greens Keeper Revenge and West Hartford Food Pantry Fundraiser 

Many of you are probably also aware by now that the town has made some changes to the Rockledge greens fee structure for the 2019 season.  Most of the season ticket prices went up a modest amount.  There was, however, a major change in the daily fee structure that adopted a single price, and eliminated different prices for residents and non-residents.  This single rate structure was adopted to make Rockledge more competitive in attracting players from the surrounding area, and in turn generate additional revenue to offset the ever-increasing costs of running and maintaining the golf course.  

There will also be a change in the schedule for the starting time lottery this year.   The lottery will now be held on Tuesday for Saturday, and Wednesday for Sunday.  

The CSGA also increased its dues per member, which in turn caused us to raise our dues a modest 
$ 10.00 this year ($115.00 for a one year membership).  One way we can work together to help keep our dues from increasing even more in the future is to attract and maintain sponsors for the Men’s Club.  In 2018 we had 17 sponsors and we hope to increase this number in 2019.  If you own a business, are involved in a business, or know anyone that would be interested in becoming a sponsor of the Men’s club I would encourage you to become one today.  Each sponsor is listed on our website, in our emails, becomes the title sponsor to one of our events, and also receives one complimentary membership to the Men’s Club.  The cost to become a sponsor is only $ 275.00.   If you are interested you can learn more about the sponsorship program on our website or contact our 1st Vice President Steve Shiembob at 


I look forward to seeing you at the rules seminar on March 2nd and at our season opener on April 28th. 


Best Regards, 

Kevin Pasternack 
RMC President