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RMC Sponsor Program

New Online Membership & Sponsor Registration in Golf Genius

The Rockledge Men's Club welcomes and appreciates our sponsors.  Together we support each other and our Rockledge community.

A sponsorship is a great way to reach our 300+ members at the very reasonable cost of $275.  Sponsorship's include:

  1. Company logo/contact information displayed on the sponsor page of the Men's Club website.

  2. Company name (linked to your website) and displayed in the e-mails that are regularly sent to club members with event information, etc.

  3. A featured tournament, where your company's logo/name will be displayed on tee signs that day, and at the Opener and Closer events when we display the signs of every sponsor.

  4. A single adult Men's Club membership is included.


To sign up for a 2024 sponsorship, just download and complete the Sponsors Registration Form, along with a check for $275 payable to the "Rockledge Men's Club."  You may submit the sponsor registration form, check, and membership application at the same time. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have about the sponsorship program by e-mail to, or cell at (617)285.9594.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Rock,

Barry Lopes

Sponsorship Chairman

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