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World Handicap System


Covid-19 Play Modifications


Golf courses in Connecticut are now allowed to open subject to restrictions. Our greatest concern continues to be the well-being of everyone involved, and it is imperative that golfers follow the advice of our government health officials and other leaders. 

The active season for score posting in Connecticut begins April 1st. Scores played in Connecticut before April 1st are ineligible for handicap purposes and should not be posted to the handicap system.


The USGA has issued a general update on Covid-19 and guidance as it relates to Rules of Golf and Rules of Handicapping.  


A couple of specific guidelines have been summarized, below.



By removing rakes from the course, the Committee has various options as to how best to address the likely possibility of a player’s ball coming to rest in an unmaintained area of sand.


  • It is advisable to encourage that players try their best to smooth the disturbed area with a foot or a club.

  • Disturbed areas in bunkers may be treated as ground under repair. This would allow a player free relief from such areas but would require such relief to be taken elsewhere within the bunker.  An additional available option is to take relief outside the bunker for one penalty stroke.  Ref:

     16.1 Abnormal Course Conditions (Including Ground Under Repair)

         c. Relief for Your Ball in Bunker




It is recommended that golfers take advantage of posting hole-by-hole scores via the GHIN Mobile App when our active season begins on April 1st. Enter gross scores and the app will automatically adjust any hole scores to a maximum of Net Double Bogey where applicable.


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You may also post scores at

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