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Tuesday/Friday Group - Information

2023 Tuesday/Friday Begins Mid-April - Official Date TBD

Registration is required 1 Week in advance of play.

Please Register at the Pro Shop or Call 860-561-8280

If you need to cancel your registration - please notify the shop.

Tee Sheets on Golf Genius


The upcoming Tue/Fri tee schedule can be seen on Golf Genius

once tee times are assigned.

The Rockledge Men’s Club sponsors informal tournaments each Tuesday and Friday.  Any member is welcome to play throughout the season! 


Members who want to play will need to register with the Pro Shop 1 week in advance of each Tuesday/Friday.  The Pro Shop will randomize foursomes and schedule tee times.  Players will be notified of their Tee time and should show up to play as they would for a regularly scheduled golf round.  Players will be able to open the Golf Genius link on this page to see their starting times and partners.  Results will be posted on the Golf Genius results page for the Tuesday/Friday group (Click on the link below).  

Key Points and Rules of Play:

  • Register with the Pro Shop by 12 Noon 1 week before the Tuesday or Friday that you want to play.​​

    • Phone: (860) 561-8280

    • Or, signup on the clipboard in the pro shop.

  • Check Golf Genius (link below), or your email for notification of your starting time, and playing partners.

  • Play must be completed on the Tuesday or Friday that you are scheduled.

  • Check-in with the Pro Shop, pay for your round as needed.

    • Cost: $3 to play plus an additional $2, if you want in on Kickers. 

  • The Pro Shop will announce the type of competition the day of play.

  • Play your round and clearly record your Names, Event, Tee Played, and Scores on a scorecard. ​

    • "In the Hole" - Putts for the best ball(s)/team score ball must be completed in the hole.  No Gimmies!
      Non-team scoring balls may be picked up to help speed play.  Your score should then be set to your
      "most likely score" as per the USGA Handicapping Rules.

    • Record Gross Scores - the Golf Genius system will apply handicaps. ​

    • Indicate each players Tee that is played.  BK)Black, B)lue, W)hite, or R)ed

    • Each playing member signs the card.

    • Turn the completed scorecard into the Pro Shop.


GHIN Scores - You DO NOT need to register your scores in GHIN for RMC events, including Tuesday/Friday, into the GHIN system.  This will be done automatically by the Golf Genius system used by the Pro Shop.

For additional information, please contact the Pro Shop at 860-561-8280.

Results are now readily available on the Rockledge Golf Club Golf Genius site, including Tuesday/Friday, Tournaments, and Weekend events.

Please click below to access results.

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