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RMC Greens Campaign


See a Ball Mark?  Fix a Ball Mark!

"Please seek to repair your ball mark, and at least 2 others on every green!"


Our Rockledge Golf Course is one of the most impeccably maintained courses in the state.  Tim Nadeau and his team have made fantastic improvements to the course, including outstanding greens.  The Men's Club would like to highlight the importance of our efforts to help sustain and improve the Rockledge course conditions.  Repairing ball marks, and replacing divots, are two easy to perform tasks that we are seeking to emphasize and build into our values.

Please take time to review the information and links below to ensure that you know the correct method to repair ball marks.  Take it to the course, be an example, and encourage your playing partners!

Video Link:  USGA  -  Repairing Ball Marks: 5 Things Every Golfer Should Know

  • The proper technique for ball mark repair is easy and fast.

  • Insert the ball mark repair tool behind the ball mark and gently pull the top of the tool toward the center.

  • Continue working around the ball mark, pulling the surrounding turf in toward the center of the indentation.

  • Avoid using a lifting or twisting motion because this can damage turf roots.

  • Once you have finished pulling turf in toward the center,

  • gently tamp the area down with your putter to create a smooth, firm surface.

Roll On!

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