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Event & Tournament Results

Results are now readily available on the Rockledge Golf Club Golf Genius site, including Tuesday/Thursday, Tournaments, and Weekend events.

Please Click on the Links below to access events and results:


Tuesday/Thursday Events & Results

Tournament Events & Results

Once the site opens, Select the Event that you would like to view.

Or, simply select "Results" on the right to go directly to the results.

Top Menus:  House Icon, Back to the Directory, Home, Tee Sheets and Results

  • House Icon - Takes you to the main page of the portal - it is blank.

  • Back to the Directory - Takes you to a listing of all Events.  Select the one that you want to view.

  • Tee Sheets - Will initially show a listing of the event registered players.  Once tee times are assigned for the event, the page will also show tee times and groups.

  • Results - Will show scoring and prize results as a Summary, and broken down in categories such as Gross and Net.  Opening the categories will show team and individual results.  Clicking on teams and individuals will show individual scoring.

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