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Golf Genius


Get the Golf Genius App

The Golf Genius app is a handy quick connection to the RMC portals. It is a fast way to stay up on current event sign ups, tee times and results.  On top of that, live scoring and live event standings will be added this year.  Download the app and get started becoming familiar with its functions and how to use live scoring.

Basic GG App Install and User Instructions

Links to RMC Golf Genius Portals

RMC Events and Member Registration Portal

RMC Tuesday/Thursday Portal

Both RMC Events and Tue/Thu League Portals

Live Scoring

Quick Live Scoring Instruction Video:  Click Here

If and event includes live scoring, log onto the GG App with your GG ID (Email) and password, and you will have access to enter live scores for your group.  One person does that.  You will also have access to the Leaderboard if it is available for the event.

Each group is still required to turn in an official scorecard as they finish the event.  The scorecard is your official score and will be used to verify the scores entered in the live scoring screens.

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