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Golf Genius


Registered members are now receiving regular emails from the Golf Genius system inviting you to sign up for RMC events and/or the Tuesday/Thursday League rounds.


Be sure to respond in a timely manner as most events now have a defined maximum number of players that can register.  The Tournament Calendar and Tournament Description pages have been updated to indicate these limits.


RMC Event registration is changing this year.  We will be using Golf Genius (GG) to send emails prompting your registration.  You will still be able to register in the Pro Shop as in the past. 


Many of you have probably already discovered via the GG registration process, there are GG portals for both the RMC Events and the Tue/Thu League.  These support Member Registration, Schedules, Event Registration and as we had on GG last year: Tee Sheets and Results.


Recently signed up or new members who want to play in the Tue/Thu League and are not receiving GG invites, will need to go to the GG Tue/Thu portal and register to be included. Click Here to Register


RMC Event and Member Registration Portal:  Click Here

  • If you signed up for your 2024 RMC Membership online, then you were here.

  • If you created an Email ID and Password when you registered, that is your GG logon.

  • If this is your first time in you may be prompted to sign in using your email and entering a password that you want to use for the portal. If not, you should be able to click on the upper right menu gears icon and click sign in to create your account.

  • RMC Member Registration can be completed for non-registered new/returning members.

  • Home - Will show  the Membership Registration link, the Welcome message, and currently active event registrations.

  • Schedule - Will show the RMC schedule, if registration is open and your registration status. If you’ve already registered via the GG Email, you can change your registration here until the registration window is closed.  After that call the Pro Shop.

  • Tee Sheets - Will immediately show that you are registered and will show assigned tee times and groups after the registration period is closed.

  • Results - Will show your excellent results!

  • This portal does not show the RMC Tuesday/Thursday League information.


RMC Tuesday/Thursday League Portal:  Click Here

  • If you received a GG Tue/Thu email for the April 2nd round, you are registered.

  • You will need to sign in with your RMC GG Email and Password (see above) to manage your round sign up or account.

  • Home - Has a description of the Tue/Thu league and a link to register for the league

  • Schedule, Tee Sheets and Results work as described for the RMC Event portal.

Get the Golf Genius App

The Golf Genius app is a handy quick connection to the RMC portals. It is a fast way to stay up on current event sign ups, tee times and results.  On top of that, live scoring and live event standings will be added this year.  Download the app and get started becoming familiar with its functions and how to use live scoring.

Basic GG App Install and User Instructions

Links to RMC Golf Genius Portals

RMC Events and Member Registration Portal

RMC Tuesday/Thursday Portal

Both RMC Events and Tue/Thu League Portals

Live Scoring

Quick Live Scoring Instruction Video:  Click Here

If and event includes live scoring, log onto the GG App with your GG ID (Email) and password, and you will have access to enter live scores for your group.  One person does that.  You will also have access to the Leaderboard if it is available for the event.

Each group is still required to turn in an official scorecard as they finish the event.  The scorecard is your official score and will be used to verify the scores entered in the live scoring screens.

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